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    In addition to any car insurance, CCM Assurance offers a breakdown assistance service. In New Zealand, this service is not automatically included in car insurance policies. If your vehicle has a breakdown and you do not have roadside assistance cover, assistance and towing will be at your own cost. Roadside assistance cover can be taken alongside any car policy or separately.

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    Attention: This option covers assistance and towing costs of your vehicle in case of mechanical breakdown only. Costs of mechanical repairs themselves are not covered.


  • Anybody entitled to lawfully drive in New Zealand, whatever the nationality.
  • If you have a vehicle in good condition and is allowed to be driven on New Zealand roads (WOF & Registration must be valid)


 Standard and Premium Roadside assistance include;

  • towing
  • flat battery
  • flat tyre
  • lost keys
  • emergency fuel
  • Help and advice in case of breakdown (but no reimbursement of repairs)

Benefits are up to $100 per call-out and three call-outs per policy (a stand-down period of 48 hours does apply). Added Benefits for Premium Roadside Assistance :

  • $200 benefit for towing instead of $100 (however breakdown service remains at $100)
  • Rental car OR accommodation (up to 3 days beginning from the second day). In the situation you are stranded more than 100km from your New Zealand address.

Premium cover is especially relevant for people living in their vehicle. If your vehicle is immobilized for more than 24 hours for mechanical reasons, you may need to seek alternative accommodation. With Premium Roadside assistance cover you will be entitled to either; a rental car for 3 days or accommodation for the same period.

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Oney payments are available for amounts more than €100 and to residents of France and Italy as well as France’s overseas departments and regions.

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Payment in 3X 4X by credit card with Oney

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