NZ comprehensive vehicle insurance

Key Points

  • campervan

    The comprehensive car insurance covers all damages (accident, theft, fire, windows etc) to your vehicle, whether you are at fault or not. We cover vehicles modified into campervans, self contained certified or not. Other insurance companies in New Zealand do not cover them with their standard policies.

    All our insurance policies are considered as MOTORHOME insurance

    Attention: our policies do not cover rental vehicles

  • NZ vehicle insurance

    Comprehensive car insurance covers the purchase value of your vehicle (this is a much better option than replacing at market value, which can be a lot less than what you paid). Moreover, unlike other insurers, with our comprehensive insurance, there is only one excess with no additional hidden excess charges.

  • breakdown

    Roadside Assistance>> is an added option available with all our policies. In contrast of European countries, this option is not automatically included in car cover in New Zealand.

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    Subscription is quick and easy. You can subscribe online and without having to supply additional supporting documents.

Who Can Subscribe?

Anybody entitled to lawfully drive in New Zealand, whatever the nationality, please check NZ regulation here  >>If you hold an overseas driving licence, you can drive with your driving licence for a maximum of 12 months from the date you arrive in New Zealand if:

  • you are visiting from another county. 
  • have recently arrived in New Zealand and you have a current and valid driver licence.


Please note:

  • Each time you visit New Zealand you may drive for a further 12-month period on a valid overseas driver licence or IDP, as long as you stay for no more than a year at a time.
  • If you are driving using an IDP you must also carry your overseas licence with you.

  • If your licence or IDP is not in English, you must carry an accurate English translation issued by:

If you do not have a current and valid overseas driver licence, or IDP, then you cannot drive in New Zealand. If you want to drive then you must apply for a New Zealand driver licence.


covered : √ uncovered : X
  Comprehensive Amount
Material Damages caused to other $20,000,000
Bodily Damages caused to other $20,000,000
Fire Purchase value up to 150% of market value
Theft and attempt Purchase value up to 150% of market value
Other damages (on your own or when you are at fault with another part or with non identified other part) Purchase value up to 150% of market value
Windows All windows (not only windscreen) No excess
Accident Assistance (towing)  
Breakdown Assistance dépannage (see further below) option Up to $100 per call-out
Additional driver after policy is issued Yes €25
Early cancellation Yes

After 3 months minimum and no claim
Change of vehicle Yes

Excesses Yes when you are at fault or with unidentified other part at fault $500 > 25 years old
$600 22-24 years old
$800 <22 years old
Unlisted driver : Double excess
Download Full Table of Benefits here >>


Please note that you cannot compare our pricing with standard car insurance offered by other local companies. CCM Standard car insurance policies cover vehicles modified into campervans whereas, standard car policies offered by other local companies do not cover vehicles modified into campervans. Other local companies will require you to take a specific motorhome policy. With CCM you have the option, unlike other local companies, to access a quote, and apply for a policy online.


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Payment in 3X 4X by credit card with Oney

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