Globe Trotter Premium/Summum


  • baggage

    This policy is particularly tailored for families who settle temporarily abroad before a permanent expatriation or during a professional mission. Also suitable to travelers whose journey has already begun, and who are looking for insurance coverage in the country where they are at the time of subscription (15 days waiting time apply in this case).
    Home country (before to start the journey) must be in European Economic Area (UE + Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) or French Overseas Territories



  • stethoscope

    All over the World (apart home country) GLOBE TROTTER PREMIUM/SUMMUM will cover your medical expenses at 100% with no excess, hospitalisation paid on prior approval,  your cost of repatriation or evacuation, assistance 24H/7D and legal liability for the damage you may cause to another party (only with Summum)

  • hospital

    GLOBE TROTTER PREMIUM/SUMMUM is a hassle-free policy:

    • No medical questions or formalities when you apply
    • Covers hospitalization expenses
    • On call, 24 hour / 7 day assistance
    • Fast service and payment of claims
    • Free App allowing you to take a photo of your medical bills and share instantly with our claim department
    • Reimbursements processed within 72 working hours
  • alpine

    GLOBE TROTTER PREMIUM/SUMMUM will provide cover for outdoor and sport activities with the following exceptions;

    Motor sport, professional sports, air sports other than those listed below, fighting sports, snow sports off track or restricted access due to weather conditions on commercial ski fields, ski competitions, mountaineering above 3,500m, caving below 100m, plus a few other less frequent activities.

    Air sports covered: delta-plane, paragliding and kite-surfing (often excluded by other policies).


  • >> This policy covers medical expenses due to epidemic or pandemic (including Covid 19)<<
  • You need to live in European Economic Area (UE + Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) or French Overseas Territories 
  • Suitable for all travellers whatever the purpose of their trip (holidays, work,training, studies)
  • All destinations covered (apart home country)
  • Application possible if you are already overseas with 15 days of waiting time.
  • Duration : 1 week to 12 months, renewable before date of expiry, and after consent from the insurance company for policies over 12 months. You cannot take this policy if duration make you exceed 2 years overseas.
  • Refunds : no refund is possible once policy is issued.
  • Limit of age : 70 years.


  • Medical expenses including surgery and hospitalisation, general practitioners or specialists visits, exams, X-rays, blood tests : 100%  with no excess. Pandemics or epidemics medical expenses are also covered.
  • Medical/Transport & repatriation : 100%.
  • Visit from a relative in the case of hospitalization. Includes a return ticket + €80 a night (up to 8 nights).
  • Repatriation for unexpected death of a family member: return ticket.
  • Search & rescue costs : 100% up to €5,000.
  • Legal assistance : lawyer costs or legal bond up to €7,000.
  • Legal liability (only with Summum) : up to €7,500,000.
  • Luggage cover : occurring during the journey up to €1,150 and no excess.
  • NEW: Specific pandemics or epidemics covers
    - Impossible planned return
    - Accommodation costs following impossible return or quarantine
    - Emergency personal luggage, household help, Home delivery of grocery items, Psychological support.

Good to know :

Please note that preexisting conditions are not covered and policies only cover unexpected medical conditions


- From 59€/mois (if you purchase 12 months policy)

- Family pricing particularly competitive for family from 2 adults + 1 child

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